Dalhousie University Chemometrics Group

Please take a few minutes to browse our site. You can meet the members of the research group and consult our publication record. There are also some data sets and MATLAB code provided for download.

About Us

The extraction of information from the massive amounts of data produced by today’s chemical and biological experiments is an ongoing challenge. The multidisciplinary research in our group develops and applies statistical, mathematical and computer-based tools to address this problem. We are located in the department of chemistry at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.



Our group consists of researchers in various stages of their academic career. Take a minute to meet the members of our research group.



Our group researches many different topics relating to chemometrics.

Multivariate Calibration

Predicting properties of interest based on measured properties of a system


Constructing models in an attempt to classify unknown samples

Pattern Recognition

Developing new routines for unsupervised classification of data

Mixture Analysis

Exploring new methods for the analysis of unbalanced mixtures

Multivariate Curve Resolution

Resolving individual response profiles from multicomponent systems

Signal Processing

Developing efficient routines for maximum extraction of chemical information from instrument signals

Algorithm Development

Developing algorithms for better and faster data processing in chemistry

Error Modeling

Constructing models for commonly observed multivariate measurement error


Take a look at our publication record.

Research Papers